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Corporate Profile


Company Name Kawatake ElectronicsCo., Ltd.
Head Office Location 1-6-3 Higashigotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, 141-0022 Japan  Map
Representative Director, President Hideichi Yabe
TEL/FAX No TEL: 03-3445-7121 (Main)
Established August 2, 1972
Capital JPY 20,500,000
Description of Business

Sales and import/ export of products focusing on the below and other related business.

  1. Electric components, electric equipments, and materials
  2. Manufacturing machines for electric components and equipments
  3. Industrial Chemical Products
  4. Groceries
  5. Home appliances, Health appliances, and others

Corporate History

August 1972 The founder Yasuo Kawatake established a trading company, Kawatake Electronics Co., Ltd., through joint investment with Japan Capacitor Industrial Co., Ltd.
March 1981 Established Sanko Kousan Co., Ltd., fully funded by Kawatake Electronics to handle shipping and packing of products.
March 1986 Established Korea JCC Co., Ltd. in Seoul Metropolitan City in Korea through joint investment with Korea Samwha Trading Co., Ltd. and Japan Capacitor Industrial Co., Ltd.
October 1995 Established Taiwan JCC (Foil) Corporation in Hsin-Chu Country in Taiwan, Through joint investment with Taiwan Capacitor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Japan Capacitor Industrial Co., Ltd.
March 2001 Established JCK Corporation (Shanghai) Limited, fully funded by Kawatake Electronics CO., Ltd.
December 2004 Established JCC Electronics Technology (Changshu) Co., Ltd., in Changsu City, Jiangsu Province in China, Through joint investment with Japan Capacitor Industrial Co., Ltd.
March 2005 Established a Korean agency KWT KOREA Co., Ltd., through joint investment with its founder Oh Seok Kyu.
April 2008 Bought out our domestic agency Aioi Denka Corporation, increasing our capital to 20.5 million yen.
August 2009 Established JCK Corporation (Hong Kong) Limited in Hong Kong, fully funded by Kawatake Electronics Co., Ltd.

Directors and Executive Officer

Chairman,Representative Director (non-executive) Toshio Natori
President, Representative Director Hideichi Yabe
Director Yosio Oikawa
Director Takaharu Yasuno
Director (non-executive) Sukeaki Kitahara
Director (non-executive) Masahiro Morimoto
Director (non-executive) Yasuo Tanaami
Director (non-executive) Masaru Tomioka



Corporate Performance

Annual Turnover

2009 8,768 million yen
2010 11,925 million yen
2011 10,411 million yen
2012 10,064 million yen
2013 12,529 million yen
2014 12,471 million yen
2015 12,136 million yen
2016 12,146 million yen
2017 13,922 million yen



〒197-0013 東京都福生市武蔵野台1-23-1

三工興産株式会社(SANKO KOSAN CO., LTD.)

〒236-0051 横浜市金沢区富岡東2-2-25

電話:045-370-8771 FAX:045-370-8772

ジェーシーシーエンジニアリング株式会社(JCC ENGINEERING CO., LTD.)

〒197-0815 東京都あきる野市二宮東3-3-3

電話:042-559-2501 FAX:042-558-5771